The road so far: Street artist BERT cleverly details each of 2013’s WCT event outcomes, 2D style.

1) Parko’s famous finger, Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Slater Hater – San Clemente, CA

2) Rip Curl Pro Bells. The Incredible Adriano - Oceanside, CA

3) Cristo Redentor Claim, Billabong Rio Pro. Jordy Redeems in Rio - Somewhere in San Diego

4) Volcom Fiji Pro. Fiji’s Favorite Champ: Kelly Slater - Encinitas, CA

5) Oakley Pro Bali. Parko Conquers The Spartan - West Hollywood, CA

6) Billabong Pro Tahiti. Ace’s Pile of Severed Heads – Encinitas, CA

7) Hurley Pro at Lowers. Taj Burrow – The Biggest Grom on Tour – Oceanside, CA

8) Quiksilver Pro France. Mick 86es Medina – Pacific Beach, CA

9) Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Kai Otton’s Big Catch – Solana Beach, CA

10) Yet to come: Pre-Billabong Pipeline Masters. Jenga The Crown, The Other Falls Down.

Read more about BERT, his art and his inspiration HERE.